Silent but hardly subtle, the DE04 is a spark reminder that while EV’s run at a hum, it’s one that precedes instant torque and a plethora of new ways to tinker with two wheels. You may have noticed our proclivity for strapping boards on bikes and cruising down the nearest long and windy road - a sure way to guarantee nine to twelve hours of fun on the right coastline and draw the ire of internet commenters simultaneously.

With a base model already engineered for urban exploration, we just upped the amp on select features of the CE04 to get it over the hill and into the campsite. Removing the rear hugger and trimming back the front fender allowed a 50/50 tyre to be fitted to the scooter for added stability.

A custom gripper seat keeps you grounded even after a surf and the 3D printed rear fender designed with Vert Studio guarantees a clean ride home. Unit Garage bag holders and custom surf rack combine with the CE's underseat compartment to provide more than amp-le storage for the adventure at hand.

The final touches come by way of custom plexiglass badges, Rizoma stealth mirrors and unit indicators and Kellermann Dayron fog lights.

Special thanks to

BMW Motorrad
Vert Design Studio
Unit Garage
Mymedia Sydney